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off the shoulder top and jeansIt’s time to have a serious conversation. I need new jeans. I am still hanging on to my old Express jeans from college. I mean they are lovely but I want fancy, big girl jeans. The issue with jeans is you have to go to the store and try them on and make sure they fit perfectly and the whole song and dance. I prefer online shopping because it never involves fitting rooms, or salespeople.

But I must bite the bullet and go shop for jeans.

What are your favorite jeans brands? What jeans do you hate?? I’ll take your tips with me shopping!IMG_3686


off the shoulder top and jeans

off the shoulder top

off the shoulder top and jeansShoes: J. Crew Factory (love these) | Jeans: Express (OLD) | Top: Amazon | Sunnies: Amazon (similar)



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Two Months With Hannah

hannahThis adorable little baby girl turned two months old over the weekend. She is turning into such a little lady! I won’t sit here and say these two months have flown by. They haven’t. When you spend every waking second with a tiny demanding little bosslady, including nights and weekends, time tends to go by slowly. But I will say they have been a great two months. I think Hannah is the cutest, sweetest most amazing person ever, so I don’t mind hanging out with her all day, every day (and night).

Hannah Updates

  • Hannah is getting the hang of her smile and she smiles much more often. I used to call her The Stingy Smiler because she only really smiled at me, and only in the mornings — never at any other time of day. But now she is all about her smile game.
  • Hannah has discovered her voice and makes the cutest cooing noises. Awwwww!
  • She is very alert and loves to look at ceilings. She is especially partial to ceiling fans.
  • She loves tummy time and loves to nap on her tummy.
  • Hannah loves people and is always on her best behavior is public. She is like a tiny socialite. I hope her socialite ways continue!

Mommy Updates

  • I am starting to relax ever so slightly. Though I still prefer to carry Hannah everywhere so she’s close and I still wake up every hour at night check and see if she’s breathing. I also still Google everything she does… maybe I haven’t relaxed. I swear I was worse before!
  • I am going to invest in some fancy athleisure attire so that I will appear as though I am always going to or from the gym even though I’m not. I hate the gym. My theory is that maybe if I appear like I am going to the gym my body will morph into perfection by osmosis.
  • I still photograph everything Hannah does. But I haven’t gotten a good smile photo yet. I still have mostly sleeping photos.
  • I have tons of nicknames for Hannah: HannahBurger, HannahBanana, Hannahbanans, HannahBeans, Babygirl, Hans, Hannah Girl, and Dread Pirate Hannah the ‘Burg (for when she’s fussy).

Here are some pictures!







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30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

You guys, I am THIRTY today. Thirty years old. That is old. Seriously. That is the age of a real adult. You can put off adulting all through your twenties because, hey, you’re only 22, 25, 28, you’re still learning who you are! Thirty, on the other hand, is the real deal. It’s time for me to stop shopping at Forever 21 now (Ha, just kidding. I’ll never stop shopping at Forever 21.).


Since I have lived such a loooooong life, I wanted to share thirty things I’ve learned in thirty years.

  1. Don’t compare your real life to someone else’s social media life. For example, my social media life is AWESOME. But in reality I’m sitting on my couch in sweats and I may or may not have just eaten an entire box of Cinnamon Chex.
  2. Dogs are the best kind of animal. Giraffes are the second best.
  3. If you are dieting, don’t be one of those people who says, ‘I am never eating carbs again.’ That is insane. You deserve better! Carbs are the best type of food. Eat the carbs, just don’t eat an entire loaf of bread.
  4. Don’t respond to texts from boys after 1am. Nothing good can come from this.
  5. After college, find a big girl/big boy drink to enjoy. You can’t drink Natty Light and Arbor Mist forever.
  6. Don’t spend a lot of money on trends. You will regret spending $250 on a designer crop top next season.
  7. Learn to cook at least one dish really well.
  8. Don’t allow yourself/your child/your friend to be one of those people who arrives at college not knowing how to do laundry.
  9. Underpromise and overdeliver.
  10. Be nice, but don’t let people push you around.
  11. Live somewhere other than your home town for at least a year.
  12. Not all of your life dreams will come true, but make sure at least one big dream of yours comes true. Making dreams come true usually requires a lot of work on the dreamers part, but it’s always worth it.
  13. Work to live, don’t live to work.
  14. Replace every soda you drink with sparkling water. You’ll feel so much better.
  15. Travel.
  16. If you’re about to have a kid, don’t stress yourself out reading a lot of parenting books. They will make you go crazy. Also, 99% of them are super boring and more than a little useless.
  17. Try not to use your phone at meal times.
  18. Have one thing in your life that you do just for yourself.
  19. Eat your vegetables.
  20. Floss daily.
  21. Go to the movies by yourself.
  22. Shopping with a friend pretty much guarantees you will come home with something you don’t actually want.
  23. Read classic literature. Most of that stuff is reallll good.
  24. Working out with a friend is a million times better than working out alone.
  25. Take care of your skin.
  26. You don’t need a reason to wear something fancy.
  27. Take lots of pictures.
  28. Eat healthy, but don’t be annoying about it.
  29. It’s better to have a few good friends than lots of mediocre friends.
  30. Laugh loudly and often.

30 Things I learned in 30 Years

I’m sure you’re wondering where Hannah is in these photos. “What kind of selfish mother doesn’t include her baby in her milestone birthday photos?!’ you might be asking.

Well, I had it ALL planned out, y’all. Hannah was going to be in these photos looking all cute and fresh and shiny and new. We were going to laugh and bond and hold balloons. But the tiny boss lady had other plans…

IMG_3554She was not to be disturbed during her slumber. So hopefully she’ll want to participate in my 40th birthday shoot. Maybe. Probably not.


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The Story of the Alleyway

Graphic tee and pencil skirtSo here’s the thing. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I miss NYC every single day. I miss my friends desperately, I miss the familiarity, and I really miss getting everything delivered. This going to the store business is for the birds. But I am slowly getting used to my new life, and occasionally cool things happen that tell me that even if Richmond isn’t where I want to be right now, it is where I am supposed to be.

So, when I got married (in Richmond) my photographer shot some great portraits of me and my wedding party in a random alley. It made for great photos — see below:

ruffle collar wedding gown

modern-chic-wedding_716Well you guys, I ended up moving to an apartment — literally — right next to this alley. So random, right?! So of course I HAD to do a shoot here, and show also Hannah. (Note: Hannah was so impressed by the alley that she fell asleep.)


graphic tee and pencil skirt

graphic teeSkirt: Victoria’s Secret (similar) | Top: Etsy | Shoes: Necessary Clothing (similar) | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters (love these)


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7 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom

mommy and babyNewborns are shockingly hard to photograph: Like every new mom, I photograph my baby’s every move. It took me about five seconds to realize that my newborn is not here to be a tiny model for my iPhone photoshoots. I soon learned that I must be content with my child looking like an adorable drunk in half my photos. Kudos to newborn photographers, I don’t know how you do it…

The resting b*tch face I cultivated in NYC comes in handy when taking my baby out in public: Nothing brings humanity together like a sweet little baby. But I would rather strangers not touch or come within 5 feet of my child, thank you VERY much. Yes, I am talking to you crazy lady who’s been following us around the grocery store. This isn’t a petting zoo, get away (insert death stare).

Newborns are hard work: Everyone says babies are a lot of work, but they fail to specify exactly what that means. Climbing Mount Everest is a lot of work, resisting the urge to eat 5 doughnuts a day is a lot of work, what makes babies so special? Well, babies are a lot of work because they are time and mess ninjas. Even though they can’t walk, talk, or really do much of anything besides quietly judge you all day, they are incredibly messy and time consuming. You read all this stuff about how newborns sleep 18 hours a day. Yet despite all this sleeping my daughter is doing I haven’t showered since Friday and I quietly praise myself when I eat lunch before 5pm.

Well, that’s because those 18 hours of sleep are dividing into two hour blocks — and the two hours when she is asleep are utter chaos. Here’s the thing, once I get my girl to sleep, I look around and realize that somehow the baby mess ninja has destroyed the living room. I’m not sure how, she never left the couch, but the living room is definitely destroyed and now must be cleaned because we do have cleanliness standards to uphold, people. Oh, and I can’t forget that I need to  pump in 15 minutes, then fix the baby’s next bottle, and shoot I can’t forget to put her laundry in the dryer so she has clean jammies tonight, and crap! there are no clean bottles so I better wash them and — BAM, two hours are up, girlfriend. The tiny bosslady is awake and it’s time to go back to work. See? Time/mess ninjas!

You actually don’t need as much sleep as you thought you did. Right? Right?!: I am very serious about my sleep. I take sleep incredibly seriously and expect those around me to respect my needs. My tiny bosslady also takes her sleep very seriously, but we’re not quite on the same page with timing. I would like to sleep at night (all night). She would like to sleep all day. Ultimately she wins because she is the boss, but day sleep is not as much fun as night sleep.

Newborns are as boring as they are adorable: People don’t talk about the newborn boring factor because everyone likes to shroud new motherhood in a veil of magical joy and happiness. The truth is, newborns are pretty boring. They don’t do anything. They just lay there, and eat, and cry, and have their diaper changed. I might try to sing or do a silly dance or talk to my baby about the Kardashians the upcoming presidential election, but she is like — ‘Get away, crazy. If you don’t have food I don’t have time’. On the plus side, I have always enjoyed staring. So I do get to sit and stare at my baby all day. But for the most part, my daughter is like a really adorable potted plant that I love deeply. This is fine, because I know her boring ways are not forever. I’ll be missing these quiet days when she’s two and throwing a tantrum in the middle of Kroger.

Newborns are even cuter when their yours: I have always liked babies. Babies and puppies are my jam. I love them. When you have your own baby you pretty much think your child is the most adorable thing ever to grace the planet with his/her amazingness. You want the universe to thank you for blessing them with such a nugget of fabulousness. I think everything my daughter does is the cutest thing ever and therefore must be photographed. As we outlined above, she doesn’t do much so I have about 40,000 photos of her sleeping. But these sleeping photos are necessary and precious keepsakes for posterity. This level of cuteness must be documented for future generations.

Fashion blogging with a newborn is challenging: Getting both myself and my daughter outside on any given day is a feat. You have to pack all of the baby things, and make sure she isn’t crying/napping/hungry. Also it is 3,000 degrees outside. So, like the VIP that she is, she is usually swept straight from our air conditioned apartment to an air conditioned car. This makes shooting outfit posts a bit of a challenge. Oh, and I also never get dressed. So there’s that. But I’m slowly getting a routine down with her. Things WILL return to normal soon.

The end!


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A Month with Hannah

one monthHannah turned one month yesterday! It has been the longest and shortest month of my life. I am obsessed with my daughter (seriously, I don’t know what I did before her), but being a new mother in a new city is tough cookies! I miss the familiarity of my old life and surroundings. Also newborns are tiny little tyrants. Who knew something so small, sleepy, and cute could stress you out so badly. Hannah is the toughest boss I’ve ever had — and she doesn’t even make me go to meetings!

However, being cooped up with this little lady all day means TONS of picture-taking parties. I think Hannah will grow up thinking my face is an iPhone.

Here are a few favorites from the month:

baby gym

sleepy baby

bath baby

momma and baby

sleeping baby


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Style After Baby

post baby styleGetting dressed post baby is a challenge. You don’t quite fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes yet, and you’re sick of wearing the same tired maternity outfits you wore on repeat during the last trimester.

For me, it is my newly acquired pregnancy booty that is keeping me out of my pre-pregnancy pants and skirts. I’m still trying to decide if my new butt is really so bad. It definitely needs some major toning, but maybe I’ll just buy new pants…

Anyway, I have been staying true to my maternity dresses (and pajamas, let’s be honest) in the first few weeks since Hannah’s debut. This one was my absolute favorite. My old boss actually gave it to me after her pregnancy. It is the best most comfortable, breezy, cute dress ever. I think it looks just as good without the bump.

post baby style

post baby style

post baby styleShoes: Necessary Clothing (love these) | Dress: Asos (love this one) | Sunglasses: Amazon


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